Veteran's Monument


Tablets 1-3 Have 915 Names

Tablet 4 has 272 Names

Tablet 5 has 182 Names

Plus 11 more approved

Total of 1380 Names

VFW Granite Post 428 To Add To Veteran's Monument

All Central Minnesota Veteran's are Eligible

Located directly in front of Post 428 on Division Street and 18th Avenue North St. Cloud

The 3 black granite tablets are full with about 1000 names - living and deceased - peacetime or wartime. The right tablet is full with 272 names and was dedicated Memorial Day 2016. The left tablet was dedicated Veteran's Day 2017.

Eligibility: Any member with an Honorable or General Discharge, who has an association with St. Cloud. Military member still on active  duty are also eligible. Only 30 Spaces are available on the back of tablet 5. Stop in for more info on how to get a name on the monument.


Some interesting notes about the Symbols on the 5 tablets. On the front there are 6 symbols. the 5 Military service organizations and the POW symbol. The flag in the front center, waving, always Free, the eagle protecting our flag. The stars throughout the monument represents heaven. The 2 eagles on the outside of the tablets always vigilant protecting out veterans. The helmet, rifle, and boots are a symbol of the sacrifices our military has given.

On the back is the great seal of The United States approved on 20 June, 1782. The center in the United States symbol with 13 stars that represent the original 13 colonies, The bald eagle is our national bird. The olive branch in the left claw has 13 leaves and 13 olives, which is a symbol of peace. The arrows in the right claw, stand for the fact that we will go to war to defend our nation. The scroll in the eagles beak means one country made of 13 colonies.

Again the eagles looking inward protecting our soldiers and our flag. The flag in the greatest symbol of our country. The 2 flags, the triangle flag represents our lost soldiers. While the waving flag again is a symbol of out freedoms, our way of life and our religions. As long as the flag continues to wave, our nation will continue to be the Greatest Nation in the World.